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Why do you drink liquids or juices while exercising? 


If you are a workout junkie, you must surely have your own personal sports bottle of a refreshing or energy drink to keep you ‘going’. A bewildering variety of sports drinks promise to help you go longer, get stronger, run faster, and recover better. But why should you drink something during your workouts?

Well, it certainly is important to stay hydrated during exercise. But for the average workout of 60 minutes or less, you typically won’t need anything more than water. If you’re going longer than an hour, or it’s hot and humid outside, then you may need more than that.   Here is what you need to know to stay hydrated.

STICK TO WATER. Simple water is the best way to go. But do avoid packaged sports drinks for the sugar content in them is counter-productive to your exercise!

STAY HYDRATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY. The best way to avoid a last-minute rush to fill in on fluids before a workout is to sip small amounts of water or drinks like these herbal beverages & organic juices like Herbal Hills Wheat-O-Power throughout the day.


DO THE BATHROOM CHECK. When you’re well hydrated, your urine will be the color of pale lemonade or straw. If it’s clear, you’re drinking too much. If it’s the color of apple juice, drink more.

DRINK WHEN YOU’RE THIRSTY. The body’s thirst mechanism is tuned to tell you when you need to hydrate. Don’t overhydrate!

DRINK MORE WHEN IT’S HOT AND HUMID. Hydration becomes most important during intense exercise in the heat. The best bet for rehydration is to drink beverages like natural Amla Juice or Triphala Juice, apart from coconut water, or water with a slice of fruit.

REHYDRATE POSTWORKOUT. Do you have white streaks on your skin or clothes after your workout? It means you’re a salty sweater. You’ve lost a lot of sodium. Try vegetable juices, which is a good source of sodium.

Hard workouts require extra hydration attention. Drink & Stay Happy!


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Bathe your tired eyes with an Ayurvedic remedy!

Our eyes are precious, with which we see the world and the world in turn, sees us. A regular eye-washing practice can leave eyes clearer and brighter and bathing tired eyes can help rejuvenate the tiny muscles that are strained by using computers, battling modern technology everyday and driving cars for long periods of time.


Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, one of the most beautiful women in the world. 

Infusing water with Triphala, an Ayurvedic herbal powder, is very healthy and of course, a tried and tested natural remedy. This powder is made up of the Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki fruits and is a blood purifier and a whole body rejuvenator. It has healing properties that support the ophthalmic nerves and eye muscles.

After washing your eyes, consider applying Kajal, also known as Kohl. Wearing Kajal is known to reduce the glare in bright lights, sharpens vision and encourages the growth and darkness of eyelashes. If you choose an Ayurvedic herbal formulation of Kajal, you’ll also be nourishing and strengthening the tissues around the eyes.


Prepare the Ayurvedic Triphala infusion by boiling 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder in 1 cup of water for about 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely; then strain thoroughly.


Wash your face with cold water. Then, using a cupped palm, bathe each open eye with the cool Triphala water thrice. Rinse face with water and gently pat it dry.


Layer organically grown rose petals, cucumber slices or cilantro leaves over each closed eye. Choose whichever you like; all three are cooling and very refreshing to the eyes. Place a cotton pad over each eye; then tie a band of muslin cotton or a bandana around the eyes to create a loose blindfold.


Lie back in the relaxing Shavasana yoga pose which is essentially lying back, with your arms flung to your side freely and your legs in the same manner, picture something beautiful and begin to do 5 cycles of each of these 5 eye exercises with your eyes closed:

Rotate your eyes clockwise.
Rotate your eyes counterclockwise.
Move your eyes in a figure 8, looking to the upper left, lower right, upper right, lower left.
Look straight up and then straight down.
Look left and right.

Now, relax and breathe for 20 minutes. Release the blindfold. Immediately direct your vision to a beautiful sight, object or photo that makes you feel calm and connected. If you use Kajal, apply it now and feel the difference!

As you transition back to your day, allow your vision to remain soft, letting the scenes of the world unfold, with minimum strain to your eyes.