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Why, When & How To Detox Your Body

The world out there is lethal…everyday, everywhere, in so many ways, you are exposed to harmful toxins – at least 700 documented poisons. Your body is battered, abused, poisoned. But you still keep going on.


How To Detox your Body

What are these toxins? How do we get exposed to them?

Toxins from Outside:

We inhale them. Household cleaning products like air fresheners, carpets, paints, glues, cigarette smoke.

We swallow them in our food and water. Most fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides, herbicides or are genetically modified. Ideally, use only organic produce from #HealthFoodStores or buy #HealthFoodOnline..

We absorb them through our skin. Your clothes, bed sheets and towels, all cleaned with powerful, toxic detergents.

Toxins From Within:

The toxins that our body creates are often a bigger problem.

Your Metabolism & Toxins. When we burn carbs or proteins or fats for energy, this process creates toxic byproducts that the body must eliminate.

Incomplete Digestion. Even the purest food , if too much, or not chewed properly, is not digested,

People with wheat or gluten intolerance are prone to poisoning by toxins, leading to inflammation, disrupted blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to weight-gain.


What Should You Do? Get a #BodyCleansingDiet!

Avoid toxins from the environment. Be aware, read labels. Avoid packaged food and eat whole food.

Get Periodic Detoxes. #HowToDetox? We recommend a #NaturalCare detox routine that gives the digestive system a break. This means:

Use easily digestible foods.

Reduce grains, proteins and fats.

Increase fruits and vegetabels.

Avoid gluten products.

Choose foods to support the detox process. Eg:Fiber and pectin help cleanse the bowel. It also leads to #HealthyWeightLoss.

When and How to Detox?

Warmer seasons are the best times for a #CleansingDetoxDiet, but early autumn is a good time too. Winter is not ever the time to detox unless you have a life threatening illness and your detox is medically supervised.

There are rigorous detoxes like the 21-day water fast and week-long juice fast. These are not recommended except under medical supervision.

But a 2 Day or #3DayCleasingDiet is great!  They are gentle enough not to interfere with your body’s function, but powerful enough to create obvious changes in your body.


Fresh#DetoxDiet ForYour Body


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